Mac OS X Tip: How to switch between windows in the same program

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook ProIf you’re a power multi-tasker, switching between open application windows is essential. On a Windows machine, ALT+Tab is your friend here, allowing you to switch between any open applications.

While COMMAND+Tab still works on Mac OS X, you’ll find that it doesn’t work when you try to switch between windows in the same program. For instance, if you’ve got two browser windows open – one for researching, one for drafting. Or maybe you want to switch between messages and the inbox in the Mail app.

The good news is, you can easily switch between windows in the same app. The keyboard shortcut you need to use is COMMAND+` (the ` character is just above the tab key).

An alternative to this is to click Window in the program and then select the pane you want from the bottom of the menu. You can also access a similar switching menu by holding down the application icon in the dock. But if you ask us, the COMMAND+` is a lot quicker.