Set a keyboard shortcut for Launchpad on Mac OS X

Setting a keyboard shortcut for Launchpad

You know what would be handy in Mac OS X? If you were able to activate Launchpad with a keyboard shortcut. But for some reason, that’s not how it works on my MacBook. (Update: in later versions of Mac OS X, the F4 key will bring up the Launchpad menu.)

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You can assign a shortcut key for Launchpad very easily. Simply open your System Preferences and click the Keyboard item. It should start in Mission Control, but flick to Launchpad & Dock and you should see an option to Show Launchpad.

Setting a keyboard shortcut for Launchpad

There should be a blank space beside this option. Click into that and then press the key combination you want to assign to the shortcut. I used COMMAND+SHIFT+L. The setting should be activated right away, so pressing your chosen combination should bring up Launchpad. Pressing it again will dismiss Launchpad.

Does that help anybody?