Discreetly change your Facebook relationship status after a breakup

Break-up broken heart

Damn. Break-ups suck. You know what makes them suck 200% more? Having to update your relationship status on Facebook.

We’ve all seen those awkward updates, when a love affair goes from full-blown to “It’s complicated”. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to avoid the rubberneckers and the sympathisers and mourn your break-up privately. Changing your relationship status on Facebook is the equivalent of walking into a crowded street with a bullhorn and announcing your situation to the world.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to switch status from In A Relationship to Single without the whole world finding out.

Hide Your Relationship Status In Facebook

Alright, first up let’s make your relationship status private. This prevents it from showing up in your timeline whenever you make changes.

  1. Go to the Facebook homepage (or your profile) and click Edit Profile.
  2. Browse down to Family And Relationships under the About section.
  3. You should see your relationship status at the top of the page. Click the edit button and to the left of the Save Changes box, you should see a privacy drop-down. Change this to Only Me and save your changes. This stops Facebook from broadcasting any changes to your relationship status to your friends.

Setting the privacy in advance means that you can’t mess up this next part.

Change Your Relationship Status To Single

Using the same tool as above, click the Relationship Status drop down and change it to whatever you prefer. You can select Single at this point, or you can choose the blank option at the top of the list. This will remove any trace of relationship information from your profile.

When I tried this on my profile, switching to single gave me an alert that this would not be published in my news feed. Result!

So there you go – one foolproof way to go back to single without alerting the Facebook world about it. Now, lick your wounds for a little while longer and then get back out on the scene.